No. 2


24 February 1786


My dear Sir


Mr Shadwick called on me this morning.  I never saw him before, nor heard of his name, till your message came.


Nor have I any knowledge of Mr Wilkinson who is said to live with Mr Denison.  At least I have no recollection of his name.


You may be assured Sir, that I must be well acquainted with a person, and know something peculiarly distressing in his case, before I would encourage him to trouble you.  And unless persons, who apply to you, bring a line from me, I hope you will pay no regard to their saying, either, that they know me, or that I know them.  Otherwise after the honour you have done me by your notice, you may be pestered with suitors, in my name, from morning to night.


I am to dine at Mrs Wilberforce’s this day sennight (ye 3rd March).  If it should be a day suitable to you, how glad should I be to meet with you there.                                                                


My heart is much with you.  And I trust the Lord is with you.  They go right whom he guides, they are always safe whom he guards, and they for whom he provides, are sure to be well supplied.  May He be your Wisdom and your High Tower.  I commend you to his blessing; and remain

My dear Sir

Your affectionate and obliged servant

John Newton


Hoxton  24 February [17]86


Oxford, Bodleian Library, MS Wilberforce c.49, fol. 2



Hannah Wilberforce, the MP’s aunt. [return]