No. 3


6 March 1786


My dear Sir


Your letter takes me rather at a disadvantage, and in haste, that I cannot recollect what I might do more at leisure.


There are 2 or 3 good books of Bunyan’s for plain enquirers, such as the Jerusalem sinner saved and Come and welcome to Jesus Christ and Grace abounding to the chief of sinners.


Baxter’s Call, and Alleyne’s Alarm to the Unconverted have been useful to many.


Flavel on Providence on the Keeping of the heart, and any of his works, most of which have been published in small books – his Spiritual Navigation.


These are some of the plainest I can think of at present.


Mrs Newton joins me in best respects.  She is much better.  I am glad to hear you are tolerably well.  Hope you will take care of yourself [in] this very cold weather.


The Lord the Great Shepherd – bless, preserve and keep you my dear Sir – this I am persuaded is already the prayer of many, as well as of your very affectionate and

obliged servant

John Newton



Hoxton  ye 2[?]6 March [1786]


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I have sent Austin’s Confessions his Meditations I have not.


Oxford, Bodleian Library, MS Wilberforce c.49 fol. 3



[some links below to books online work only from the first word of the title]

The Jerusalem sinner saved, John Bunyan, 1689 [return]

Come and welcome to Jesus Christ, John Bunyan, 1678   [return]

Grace abounding to the chief of sinners, 1666[return]

A Call to the Unconverted, Richard Baxter, 1658 [return]

An Alarme to Unconverted Sinners, Joseph Alleine,  1671 [return]

The Mystery of Providence, John Flavel, 1678 [return]

On the Keeping of the Heart, John Flavel, 1671 [return]

Navigation Spiritualized, or A New Compass for Seamen, John Flavel, c.1670 [return]

Confessions, Austin [return]

Meditations, Austin [return]