Remember me

John Newton was requested by a Friend to compose two hymns, each last line ending  "remember me".

2nd hymn

Poppiescut 222 x 292
The thief who near the Saviour hung
(In death, how happy he!)
Was answered when his dying tongue
Said, "Lord remember me."

My sins are not less black than those
Which brought him to the tree:
No thought can give my heart repose,
But Lord remember me.

When Jesus died, death lost its sting,
Like the enraged bee.
And I may now address the King
With, Lord remember me.

I take my pattern from the thief
I have no other plea
For I of sinners am the chief,
Then Lord remember me.

The Lamb upon his glorious throne
As newly slain I see
And trust he will not those disownJohn Newton bw better 150 x 55
Who plead, remember me.

And when before him face to face
I bow my thankful knee
In joyful strains I'll praise his grace
Who now remembers me.

Transcribed from a manuscript in the Bodleian Library, Oxford [MS Eng Poet c51, pp255-6]