John Newton's letters to William Wilberforce


“The previously unpublished letters between William Wilberforce and John Newton shed fascinating new light on the deepening relationship between them.”

Jonathan  Aitken


The John Newton Project is putting transcripts of these letters online. The correspondence is rich in spiritual content, containing some intriguing insights into the events of their day. We hope that many may, like Wilberforce, benefit from Newton’s godly and Biblical thinking, his warm friendship and wise and faithful mentoring.


From his experience as a former Member of Parliament and cabinet minister in the British Government, Jonathan Aitken writes in his latest biography John Newton: From Disgrace to Amazing Grace:

“humanity will forever be in Newton’s debt for mentoring Wilberforce through one of the most delicate and vulnerable phases of his life’s journey.

“…The Wilberforce-Newton relationship was of pivotal importance for both historical and spiritual reasons. Yet John Newton's contribution to the life of William Wilberforce as a mentor, confidant, co-campaigner and close friend has often been underestimated. It deserves reassessment in the light of previously unpublished letters and diary entries.”

The letters commence in 1785 after Wilberforce approached his childhood father-figure for confidential advice, when the young MP was struggling towards a personal commitment to Jesus Christ.


Wilberforce immediately found in John Newton a ready ear, an understanding heart and wise counsel that would guide him through many years of disappointment, during which Wilberforce’s twin aims of the abolition of the slave trade and the reformation of morals seemed a very distant dream.

“John Newton’s legacy has never been needed more than at the beginning of the 21st Century … we owe it to our generation!”

John Langlois, Chairman, The John Newton Project

Notes on editing

NB many more letters to come over the next few weeks!

Our thanks to the Bodleian Library for permission to put our transcripts online and to Simon Manchester for an additional letter.


To keep the letters more easily readable we have adjusted punctuation and abbreviations, with omissions in [square brackets]. But we have kept completely faithful to Newton’s text. No words have been changed.


The manuscripts are readily available for consultation at the Bodleian Library (detailed manuscript references are given at the end of each letter.) or on microfilm by Adam Matthew Publications.


A few draft editions of the JNP’s transcripts have been in private circulation since 2002.


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