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[107 pages]


 Newton, the ex-slave trader, and Wilberforce, the little liberator

No one in 1769 would have foreseen that these two men would be the key characters in the abolition of the slave trade in 1807.

Here, John Pollock tells the story of how they came to build a strong friendship and partnership in the gospel - and how God used them to achieve a great victory in the British Parliament and US Congress against the slave trade.

[Also being published in the US by The Trinity Forum]
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[422 pages]


365 days with Newton

John Newton was a rich and princely teacher, a sensitive and caring pastor, and a straight, outspoken guide.

His whole ministry bore the marks so evident in his lovely hymns; it was consistently biblical (to share the Word of God), spiritual (to promote walking with God), simple (to make biblical truth and principles plain), and practical (to inculcate personal holiness and sound relationships in church and society).

In this collection, every day bears these marks, so useful to every believer, so instructive for those called to minister

Alec Motyer

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7 minute PowerPoint

the story of Amazing Grace in the life of John  Newton

narration by

James Jones

Bishop of Liverpool

donation of £3 to The John Newton Project

[this is a Powerpoint, not a DVD - it requires PowerPoint software]