Personal details
Name: Newton, John  
dob: 24 July 1725 Old Style  
  4 August 1725 New Style  
address: 1725 – c. 1732 Red Lyon Street, Wapping
  c.1733 – 1736 Marshfoot House, Aveley
  c. 1745 Rotherhithe
  1742 – 1745 HMS Harwich
  1745 – 1747 Plantain Island, Sierra Leone
  1748 10 March OS (21 March NS): in a violent storm, my address was "Lord, have mercy". Oh it was mercy indeed, to save a wretch like me. My position then: Atlantic Ocean, c. 54 degrees latitude, 200 leagues W of Ireland.
  1748-1754 at sea (in several respects)
  1754 – 1755 Chatham High Street and possibly Five Bells Lane
  1755 – 1764 Edmund Street, Liverpool (corner of Old Hall Street)
  1764 – 1780 (Old) Vicarage, Church Street, Olney
  1780 – 1786 No. 13 Charles Square, Hoxton (later renumbered 17)
  1786 – 1807 No. 6 Coleman Street Buildings, London
  1807 - in heavenly love abiding
contact: Try 365 days with Newton and Ministry on my mind for personal rapport
education: 0 - 6 years home school
  6 - 8 years running amock in Aveley marshes, mingling with careless and profane children
  9 - 10 years private school, Stratford, Essex: 1st year disastrous, 2nd OK
    “O Lord I am a slow learner”
    [subsequently self-taught in French, Latin, Hebrew, Greek, Syriac, German, shorthand. Ed.]
work experience: (voluntary and involuntary) cabin boy; merchant seaman; fired apprentice; able seaman; not-so-able seaman; naval deserter; slave; factory manager; supernumerary; first mate; captain; unemployed; customs official; hymnologist; author; preacher; pastor; linguist; journalist; correspondent; mentor; tutor to Oxbridge students; curate-in-charge; rector; founder and catalyst in the foundation of several missionary societies
qualifications: “This is my qualification: the very chief of sinners.” 1 January 1758
  “And yet in one sense I have a fitness to spread the glad tidings of salvation which few can pretend to.  If ever thou permittest me to declare that faithful saying, Jesus Christ came into the world to save sinners; surely the words, of whom I am chief, would be peculiarly expressive and convincing in my mouth.  I could stand forth and propose myself instead of a thousand arguments in proof of the doctrine, and might well hope to be of singular use as a pattern of thy longsuffering to all that should repent and believe.” 24 June 1758
  ordained deacon 17 April 1764, Bishop of Lincoln
  ordained priest (presbyter) 24 June 1764, Bishop of Lincoln
  Honorary Doctorate conferred by New Jersey College, 1791 (now Princeton University)
  promoted to glory 21 December 1807 “about quarter past eight in the evening”
other competencies: Languages: It may be proper to tell you that French books will serve me as well as English or Latin
interests:   praying in the fields; making paper boats
skills:   I pray for spiritual skill, that I might be made useful
publications:   I am called to publish thy Gospel
references: Claudius Buchanan "If he had been my father, he could not have expressed more solicitude for my welfare."
  William Carey "contributed much to my support and encouragement"
  Andrew Fuller "He is a father, and so full of love and kindness that I know not what to do with him."
  Sir James Stephen “One of the second founders of the Church of England”
  John Wesley "One of eminent learning as well as unblameable character"

Marylynn Rouse, 02/01/2014