Amazing Grace Resources to download

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sermon John Newton's 1773 New Year's Day sermon on 1 Chronicles 17:16,17 (which was accompanied by the hymn Amazing Grace, based on the same text and sermon) continuous
double-sided leaflet
hymn the words of John Newton's hymn Amazing Grace Amazing Grace words
A5 flyer Amazing Grace words with a summary of their source A5 pdf
origin comparison of:
1. Scripture verses in 1 Chronicles 17 with Newton's hymn Amazing Grace
2. Sermon with Newton's hymn Amazing Grace
table comparing Scripture verse, sermon and hymn verses
ppt PowerPoint (for congregational singing) of the words (with images) for Newton's hymn Amazing Grace Amazing Grace ppt words with images
video video showing how the words for Newton's hymn Amazing Grace were drawn directly from 1 Chronicles 17:16,17 click this link to download from vimeo


Resources for a short concert on Amazing Grace

Six of the earliest known tunes for Amazing Grace

as premiered at St Andrew-by-the-Wardrobe, March 2017

English Chamber Choir    St Andrew btW
audio by The English Chamber Choir music score by Guy Protheroe background by the JNP
download mp3 download pdf download Word file

Marylynn Rouse, 05/11/2016